[Opus] Tongue Twisters#Part1

These are my handwriting tongue twisters. The first creation for the second and the third one. 😎

Enjoy and try to read well ^^

Allah always has ways to grant what u want be granted.

When the watch shows the time to watch the watch, let the watcher watch the watch.

Ensure me to be sure I should lose you for sure.

My name is Rain and I am shame u have me shame.

Mary will be merry if she marry Larry.

Daddy’s dad is dead and it let my dad bet with his death.

The method of the thought of those shops was quite hazardous.

Give me a link to let any let me queue.

Please don’t piss on the street for the peace of many.

Don’t waste the place to paste the rest.

what do you think?

16 thoughts on “[Opus] Tongue Twisters#Part1

    • mskdnya gimana mie?
      uhm, kl maksudnya nanya ini apa, ini namanya tongue twisters..
      kalimat dalam bahsa inggris yang bikin lidah capek untuk mengucapkan dengan pronunciation yang benar dan fasih, gitu lah kira2.. v^^’

    • wah.. mau dikunjungi orang luar juga ya ziz? 😀
      iya ntar dulu tp ya, insya Allah, abis tugas metstat, mpc, ppti, metnum selesai.. -.-
      *tp msh ngenet, wkwkwk..

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