[Short Story] Just Because of Facebook

(This short story is translation from Indonesian version,Gara-gara Facebook“)

“Well students, up here lecture today, thank you, assalamu’laykum,” Madam Gustina closed lecture that day.

“Wa’alaykumussalam, Mom.” The International Relations major students answered together, afterward each of them hurried to home. Everyone was in rush, also a girl named Gina was not left behind, she seemed very impatient to leave the very hot classroom.

Huh. What a hot Jakarta. Gina complained for the tenth time that day. On the way home, she mumbled. Aha, I’m not impatient to update my status. Guess what I’m going to write for the status update today? The sweet girl repeatedly smiled herself imagining her laptop screen full of blue and white colors.

At home, Gina opened Hurricane hurriedly, her beloved birthday gift from her dad. A new 19 week laptop was turned on.

Huh? Gina opened her eyes wide realizing there was someone terrorized her on facebook, her account password had been changed. She repeatedly tried to log in, but she couldn’t. Gina hastily grabbed Dandelion, her new qwerty mobile phone, her beloved birthday gift as well, from her mom. She pressed the speed dial button 4 to the number of Gerry, the only brother of hers.


Answer soon, brother. Hurry up. Gina muttered.

“Assalamu’alaykum.” There was an answer from the other side.

“Kumsalam.” Gina replied in a great hurry. “Bro, help me soon. My facebook account is error, so I can’t log into it. Someone must have changed the password. Help me brother, help me. Hiks-hiks.”She explained as fast as express train run.

“What? What the hell makes you ask me? Nope. I didn’t do it, honey. I even don’t know your password.”

“Yup, I know it, please repair it, bro. I just can’t go online. “

“Okay, okay. Just send your email address and its password. “

“But please do not memorize it.” Gina gave many wishes.

“Okay, okay.”

“Hurry up please.”

“Okay, okay.”

“Thank you, my cute brother.” She smiled wide.

“Okay, okay.”


Bip bip.

Gerry had not responded while she ended the phone. He just shook his head noticing his youngest sister’s behavior.

Not long afterward, Dandelion rang out loud with Rindu Muhammadku ringtone. There was a message from her brother.

I’ve fixed the problem. Your new password is your six digits birth date. Well sister, I want to back to my work. Dewi is waiting me come home.

With many abbreviations and no spaces, Gina replied her brother’s message.


She hastily sat in front of the monitor of Hurricane, clicked on the bookmark “facebook” in her mozilla, and smiled repeatedly again.

Updating status again, taking and giving comments again, chatting, creating notes, joining groups, uploading photos, promoting twitter etc. She kept competing with her friends to stay ‘exist’. Those are done everyday. These eight words were never empty of visitors.


On that afternoon, Gina slammed the door of her bedroom. Having an alone living as students really made her free to do whatever she wanted to. Gina had just received the results of the quiz for Japanese subject. Her score was only 39 which it was in bottom row of scores in her class. With falling tears Gina log into her facebook and updated her status again.

Hiks2..I do hate Japanese.. T.T Why the hell my score was really low? T.T I really want to enjoy an ice cream.. T.T But I just wished I could.. T.T

With a style that was as interesting as possible and inviting comments, Gina clicked button share. Afterward appeared a new notification, there was a comment on her status. Then there was a post on her wall, entertaining Gina. She read around her home and began to comment on the status of her friends. Then just it, Gina came lazy again, kept online in front of her beloved Hurricane screen.

On the next day, as usual, Gina kept sharing many painful things she experienced or had, she made notes which said she had less pocket money. She wanted to eat fried chicken but nothing she could do. Then just it, there are a lot of people commented on her status.

Everyday, facebook and facebook, never bored. Until one day..


On Friday afternoon Gina intended to come home to Depok, the home of her parents. She wanted to give a wedding anniversary surprise to her dad and mom. She arrived at the doorstep. She had not knocked on the door when came the sound of breaking porcelain.


Gina heard such a shocking sound of a door slammed that she delayed her wish to knock on the door, so she just spied on from the grids of the window. Before she thought to say hello, dad’s voice came out loud.

“You’re wrong. You didn’t give the children pocket money.”

Gina wondered very much. Dad and mom’s children are only Gerry and I. Then who is meant here? Gerry has got married that is it nice if he is still given pocket money? It means I am the only possible source of the matter. Gina nodded her head yes. But from who or where did dad and mom know that I protested? Gina’s brow was very furrowed showing she was thinking deeply. Then..

“Why the hell you blame me? I did give her two millions per month, that’s not including her tuition fee.”Mom denied.


Gina was shocked hearing the word “her”. What? Did mom read my status? How come? Dad and mom are such busy that they will not have time to be online. Gina had a great confusion.

“She just can’t manage her financial well.”Mom continued.

“But she might had unexpected needs and she didn’t dare to ask more, right?” Dad objected.

“Since when did our daughter become afraid to ask for money, honey??” The same question came into Gina’s mind. Dad was silent for a while, he tried blaming again.

“I was embarrassed toward my colleagues.” Dad went on. “They thought I couldn’t raise children well.”

“It’s me who should be ashamed. My friends on organization are talking that I can’t manage our financial so that my youngest child can’t pay for her tuition fee.” She cried out loud.


Again Gina’s heart froze a second. How could mom say that??

“Our daughter seems very stress behind us. It’s your fault that you didn’t tell me that the money isn’t enough. We can take some of our savings if you need it.”

“I’ve told you that the money is enough, Gina just can’t manage the money I gave so she just will always assume it’s not enough.”Mom’s voice started rising.

“I don’t trust it. You should give more attention for her! “Dad began to shout.

“I’ve diligently phoned her. It’s better than you who even never sent any message to her!”

“Then why did Mr. Mahmud said Gina’s scores were low?” He didn’t give up.

“It’s me again blamed. Gina always said fine when I asked about her college scores.”

“Then why the hell were her facebook status so sad and painful? Our daughter is in trouble! You should give her much more attention!” Daddy’s face reddened.

“Oh my God, stop it. I’m bored to be blamed. It is you who are not attentive. It is her who can’t manage fund well. She just keeps exist on facebook, so it’s fair if her scores are going down.” Dad was startled hearing that.

Mom tried to stand up. But not a step she got,


She fainted.

Gina was shocked. Without much talking Gina came in and helped her dad taking her mother to the hospital. Mom’s weak heart disease attacked. On the way along Gina cried next to her mom who was still unconscious. His father was just kept silent as clenching his wife’s hand.

At the hospital, while waiting near the door of the ICU, Gina told her dad everything she had to. That Gina was too dissolved in the virtual world. That she kept online every day and night. She admitted that sometimes she just went sleep on early morning. She also confessed that her low scores are because of her less studying time. She told daddy about other problems she made because of being too expressive on facebook. Her dad listen to the explanation very carefully that he was touched. Because of those eight words, Gina’s mom had to be treated in the hospital. Her mother was unconscious in three days.

A week later, Gina’s mom got out of the hospital. And so did Gina, she had got out of her madness on facebook. She just goes online if she really needs it. Her scores went up again, and she got additional pocket money.

Now, every early morning, Gina stays up and changes her habits from sharing on facebook to sharing on prayer to Allah.

Alhamdulillah, Gina updates the status in her heart, thank you a lot oh Allah..

17 thoughts on “[Short Story] Just Because of Facebook

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    • @.@ What did I dream last night?
      I need an advice, kak..

      I’m just speechless.. hhe..
      but thank you a lot, ka.. Hope Allah grant your wish to be a professional teacher, or even lecturer.. ^^ Aamiin..

      • Amin……. I have no advice for you, You are better than me, I even don’t know what kind of advice that I should give.

        It was because after reading your short story I found something different, it has communicative language and really entertaining. It’s really readable for everyone.

        May Allah bless you.

      • How can you just give this scoring that mine is better than yours? you’re the student in English department, right? so I think it’s fine if u’re better.. ^^’
        but Aamiin. I just made my way to be good in short story too.. But frankly speaking, I don’t think my short story is good.. ^^’
        but thanks a lot, friend.. I never got such a good appreciate from anyone like this, thanks..
        Hope Allah bless you too..

  3. Oh yeah?
    I can’t believe this.. but thanks if my idea helps you for proposing it..
    Good luck for your thesis, big bro.. 😉

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