[Opus] Tongue Twisters#Part2



These are other tongue twisters I made after the first ones. 😉

Look me look for those cook books to be a good cook who cook good food.

That stupid sexy girl is pretty but always silly really makes me feel sassy badly.

The mail you sent has been mailed to that man.

Jerry thinks to carry much money to Chloe’s mommy to make her happy.

Clark cut his rug and let it be plug for his car.

I chose to choose but no choice to choose so I choose not to choose.

That liar lies again that he cries in vain pain.

The recipe to be happy is just being extremely merry and jolly for everything and gift God gives.

Giant has no fund for his restaurant so Giant hope loan come.

Lock those doors with rocks I found to block some Monks want to unlock the locks or drop the doors.

Chan has a plan to go to Japan by plane but that plan can’t be planned again as there was no planes land on this land.

Huck must heart Beth with heart or Huck will just hurt Beth’s heart and her hurt heart will never heart Huck forever.

What do you think? Hoho.. 😎

See also the third one. d^^b

12 thoughts on “[Opus] Tongue Twisters#Part2

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