[Opus] Tongue Twisters#Part3

These are the third tongue twisters I made for you to twist your tongue and feel the twists. These are the first and the second ones. ^^ Enjoy!

  • Does this missus make Chris’ thesis find crisis?
  • Ron locked Joe indoor with Sherlock’s lock on the fourth floor at four.
  • Neo bought a fox box in a store next door.
  • This pretty but sweaty lady makes me feel disgusted.
  • The lion crossed the line Simon lined and breach everything behind the line to reach that lime behind the lines.
  • Claire made that baker change that strange toaster stranger.
  • Solve those problems through the source of those problems.
  • Lana lied to mama that Lana laid the lying ducks.
  • Come-come comes to that dumb Clark but Come-come becomes in dumps knowing Clark is dumb.
  • Chloe’s honey gives Chloe much honey and Chloe gives her honey sweet candies.
  • Get access to James’ address and address that address to jack’s access of address.

So, what do you think? d^^b

10 thoughts on “[Opus] Tongue Twisters#Part3

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