[Poem] I’m Lonely at The Alley

I really grieve at the alley..

The alley is narrow,

And I’m just alone..

The alley is cold,

But I don’t have coat..

The alley is horrifying,

It has my heart ring..

The alley is so unsafe,

I’m just able to hug myself..

The alley is too quiet,

I even can hear the silence..

The alley frightens,

And I have no friend..

The alley is rainy,

It causes my lips shaky..

The alley is too long,

I’m afraid I can’t hold on..

The alley’s full of bends,

When does it end?

I just find walls,

During my walk..

I’m stuck in sorrow,

I lose my zest..

I really scare,

But no one cares..

I almost give up,

Oh how to hold up?

I need someone to let my spirit shine..

I don’t want to be alone again,

I don’t want to cry in pain..

But I don’t know who’ll keep me strong..

Now please tell me who’s going to comfort me on..

Who’s going to pick me up, and breach my numb..

I stay up all night, I try to look outside..

Although I know much,

That’s only my mind..

Who’ll say ,“ all right”,

Holding me tight..

Shining my mind,

Widening the line,

Giving me might..

Aiding me in fight,

Stopping my cry..

Making me smile..

Being the real of mine..

Proposing me to be bride..

Converting the alley into paradise..


Till the end of the time..


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