[Opus] Tounge Twisters#Part4

These are other my own original tongue twisters. 🙂 Have a look to the first, the second, and the third ones. 😀 Tongue twisters di bawah ini sangat cocok bagi kamu yang ingin memperlancar pengucapan kata bahasa Inggrisnya ^^.

Jane’s dad bet that Jack let Dave break the net on a left lane.

Which witch makes that sick bitch’s ring finger itch and pitch?

Not just some something. But the most “something” something of any something that’s ever been.

The prince gives his princess whipped cream to beat these three princes loving his princess.

Sherlock is shock to know John’s lost his mom’s socks.

That super purple girl really suffers enjoying the supper letting her pimples happen to be like jungle.

A whipped cream isn’t whipped cream at all unless it’s been whipped with whips.

I prefer peeled peas to unpeeled peas, because the unpeeled pea’s unpeeled while peeled pea’s peeled.

That eagle’s ankle gives the angel an angle to huddle.

Lift the lever to leave these living leaves before these living leaves begin eating your liver.

This dirt makes that little limp chick to leak that freak’s pocket. (Yang ini agak maksa. :D)

3 thoughts on “[Opus] Tounge Twisters#Part4

  1. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
    But and and and and and and and and and so are all pairs of conjunctions.

    Menurutmu??? kalimat itu benar ga??? he he he he

    ni tak kasih tongue twister juga.
    Rose rose to put rose rose on her rows of roses.
    But and and and and and and and and and so are all pairs of conjunctions.

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