[Opus] Tounge Twisters#Part4

These are other my own original tongue twisters. 🙂 Have a look to the first, the second, and the third ones. 😀 Tongue twisters di bawah ini sangat cocok bagi kamu yang ingin memperlancar pengucapan kata bahasa Inggrisnya ^^.

Jane’s dad bet that Jack let Dave break the net on a left lane.

Which witch makes that sick bitch’s ring finger itch and pitch?

Not just some something. But the most “something” something of any something that’s ever been.

The prince gives his princess whipped cream to beat these three princes loving his princess.

Sherlock is shock to know John’s lost his mom’s socks.

That super purple girl really suffers enjoying the supper letting her pimples happen to be like jungle.

A whipped cream isn’t whipped cream at all unless it’s been whipped with whips.

I prefer peeled peas to unpeeled peas, because the unpeeled pea’s unpeeled while peeled pea’s peeled.

That eagle’s ankle gives the angel an angle to huddle.

Lift the lever to leave these living leaves before these living leaves begin eating your liver.

This dirt makes that little limp chick to leak that freak’s pocket. (Yang ini agak maksa. :D)

[Poem] I’m Lonely at The Alley

I really grieve at the alley..

The alley is narrow,

And I’m just alone..

The alley is cold,

But I don’t have coat..

The alley is horrifying,

It has my heart ring..

The alley is so unsafe,

I’m just able to hug myself..

The alley is too quiet,

I even can hear the silence..

The alley frightens,

And I have no friend..

The alley is rainy,

It causes my lips shaky..

The alley is too long,

I’m afraid I can’t hold on..

The alley’s full of bends,

When does it end? Continue reading

[Opus] Tongue Twisters#Part3

These are the third tongue twisters I made for you to twist your tongue and feel the twists. These are the first and the second ones. ^^ Enjoy!

  • Does this missus make Chris’ thesis find crisis?
  • Ron locked Joe indoor with Sherlock’s lock on the fourth floor at four.
  • Neo bought a fox box in a store next door.
  • This pretty but sweaty lady makes me feel disgusted.
  • The lion crossed the line Simon lined and breach everything behind the line to reach that lime behind the lines.
  • Claire made that baker change that strange toaster stranger.
  • Solve those problems through the source of those problems.
  • Lana lied to mama that Lana laid the lying ducks.
  • Come-come comes to that dumb Clark but Come-come becomes in dumps knowing Clark is dumb.
  • Chloe’s honey gives Chloe much honey and Chloe gives her honey sweet candies.
  • Get access to James’ address and address that address to jack’s access of address.

So, what do you think? d^^b

[Poem] Forceful!

A forceful person isn’t appreciated of his power checking the tears..

Nor of his style standing alone without another..


A forceful person is someone revives after falling down..

Smiles, after tearing..

Retrieves his spirit after losing hope..

Becomes stronger after being stuck in his tender.. Continue reading

[Poem] For My Bestfriend

Best mate’s like cloud,
Protects you from sunray’s danger,
But not obscuring your sight by blocking it.

Best fellow’s like a star,
Isn’t always seen, but is always there,
No matter, whether or not u realize it.

Best pal’s like water,
Helps you to pass through anything blocking you,
But not ruining it.

Best companion’s like music,
Comfort’s your feelings,
But not bothering your hearing.

Best buddy’s like glasses,
Aids your eyes to see well,
But doesn’t hurt them.

Best friend’s like hour-glass,
He or she, has been yours,
Since the past, this time, and for the future.

“Sahabat”, is like someone,
Who’s reading my poem.. ^^

[Opus] Tongue Twisters#Part2



These are other tongue twisters I made after the first ones. 😉

Look me look for those cook books to be a good cook who cook good food.

That stupid sexy girl is pretty but always silly really makes me feel sassy badly.

The mail you sent has been mailed to that man.

Jerry thinks to carry much money to Chloe’s mommy to make her happy.

Clark cut his rug and let it be plug for his car.

I chose to choose but no choice to choose so I choose not to choose.

That liar lies again that he cries in vain pain.

The recipe to be happy is just being extremely merry and jolly for everything and gift God gives.

Giant has no fund for his restaurant so Giant hope loan come.

Lock those doors with rocks I found to block some Monks want to unlock the locks or drop the doors.

Chan has a plan to go to Japan by plane but that plan can’t be planned again as there was no planes land on this land.

Huck must heart Beth with heart or Huck will just hurt Beth’s heart and her hurt heart will never heart Huck forever.

What do you think? Hoho.. 😎

See also the third one. d^^b