[Poem] I’m Lonely at The Alley

I really grieve at the alley..

The alley is narrow,

And I’m just alone..

The alley is cold,

But I don’t have coat..

The alley is horrifying,

It has my heart ring..

The alley is so unsafe,

I’m just able to hug myself..

The alley is too quiet,

I even can hear the silence..

The alley frightens,

And I have no friend..

The alley is rainy,

It causes my lips shaky..

The alley is too long,

I’m afraid I can’t hold on..

The alley’s full of bends,

When does it end? Continue reading

[Poem] Forceful!

A forceful person isn’t appreciated of his power checking the tears..

Nor of his style standing alone without another..


A forceful person is someone revives after falling down..

Smiles, after tearing..

Retrieves his spirit after losing hope..

Becomes stronger after being stuck in his tender.. Continue reading

[Poem] For My Bestfriend

Best mate’s like cloud,
Protects you from sunray’s danger,
But not obscuring your sight by blocking it.

Best fellow’s like a star,
Isn’t always seen, but is always there,
No matter, whether or not u realize it.

Best pal’s like water,
Helps you to pass through anything blocking you,
But not ruining it.

Best companion’s like music,
Comfort’s your feelings,
But not bothering your hearing.

Best buddy’s like glasses,
Aids your eyes to see well,
But doesn’t hurt them.

Best friend’s like hour-glass,
He or she, has been yours,
Since the past, this time, and for the future.

“Sahabat”, is like someone,
Who’s reading my poem.. ^^