[Short Story] Just Because of Facebook

(This short story is translation from Indonesian version,Gara-gara Facebook“)

“Well students, up here lecture today, thank you, assalamu’laykum,” Madam Gustina closed lecture that day.

“Wa’alaykumussalam, Mom.” The International Relations major students answered together, afterward each of them hurried to home. Everyone was in rush, also a girl named Gina was not left behind, she seemed very impatient to leave the very hot classroom.

Huh. What a hot Jakarta. Gina complained for the tenth time that day. On the way home, she mumbled. Aha, I’m not impatient to update my status. Guess what I’m going to write for the status update today? The sweet girl repeatedly smiled herself imagining her laptop screen full of blue and white colors.

At home, Gina opened Hurricane hurriedly, her beloved birthday gift from her dad. A new 19 week laptop was turned on.

Huh? Gina opened her eyes wide realizing there was someone terrorized her on facebook, her account password had been changed. She repeatedly tried to log in, but she couldn’t. Gina hastily grabbed Dandelion, her new qwerty mobile phone, her beloved birthday gift as well, from her mom. She pressed the speed dial button 4 to the number of Gerry, the only brother of hers.

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